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TOPIC: Joomap Plugin - link?
Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
Has anyone found the link for the new Joomap plugin?
Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
Has anyone found the link for the new Joomap plugin?
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
Sorry for the inconvenience.
My site in undergoing major changes.... so off-line.

Here is the link -
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
Thank you for your quick response.

That said, I cannot get the Joomap 2.0 plugin to work. Initially I had Joomap (2.06pre) Google Sitemap Extended version installed. I then edited and installed your v. 1.1 Xmap plugin which worked nicely for a short time, then slowed the server to a crawl. Once I was able to retrieve and install your Joomap 2.0 plugin, it did not return any listing for Fireboard forums, and in short order also slowed the server to the point where I could not effect a http login into any of my sites, I could only FTP in and remove the PHP file, which immediately resolved the problem. I have now uninstalled the 2.06pre version of Joomap, and installed ver 2.05. Once again, the 2.0 plugin did not return any information for the Fireboard forums, but this time did not slow the system down. Substitution of the modified Xmap file has worked beautifully so far, so I am real happy. [Fireboard 1.0.3, Joomla 1.0.13, PHP 4.4.7, MySQL 4.0.27 and Apache] []

I greatly appreciate your time and trouble in making these plugins available!
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
What you have done to install my plugin ?
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  
Both the “fireboard.plugin.php” and the “PoweredBy.html” were placed in the /administrator/components/com_joomap/plugins/ subdirectory.

The “sitemap_index.xml” file was edited to replace “” with just “” assuming that since domain points directly to the installation directory; and then with the installation directory added when that did not work. “Sitemap_index.xml” was then placed in joomla installation (root) directory.

Since, as you probably noticed last night, I do not yet have any threads, just categories, in this new Fireboard, I assumed that I did not need to set the time parameter and regenerated the site map. Nothing happened. I then opened the installed “fireboard.plugin.php” but could not find the specified line “const timeFrame=1;” . However, I did uncomment the line “$timeFrame=2”; and again, cleared the cache and regenerated the site map. Again, no results.

However, if I now open the XML map in the joomap backend module, I get the following error message:

[i]\"XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 16, Column 64:\"[/i]

On the other hand, if I take your “fireboard.plugin.php” file for Xmap, replace with xmap calls with joomap, drop it in the administrator/components/com_joomap/plugins subdirectory it produces a real nice map – just what I am looking for.

I am beginning to suspect that my site performance problem might be related to low PHP memory. In spite of a default PHP memory limit setting of 40MB, I have read that my host (1and1) only provides 20MB – which I should think would be adequate, but perhaps not. I am working at it!

I do appreciate your concern and assistance.
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  
Dear friend,

Are you sure that this problem started after applying my plug-in !!?
As, the XML error is with [b][i]com_contact[/i][/b]

[code:1]The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


A semi colon character was expected. Error processing resource \',com_joomap/view,goog...

This is happening because, in this line -
It should be -
the & should be & amp;

This line is not generated by my plug-in.

Do one thing, for temporary, disable the CONTACT from all menus and test.
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 10 Years, 2 Months ago  

The code that I sent you was generated by Joomap as the result of using the backend link to view the Google sitemap. I am not at all sure that my problems are the result of your plugin, or if you plugin is merely a reflection of a pre-existing problem; as it will not return a map of Fireboard, and I do take a real performance hit when it tries to do so.

In an attempt to eliminate the problem, I have started removing components to see if I can identify the culprit. Since Joomap was the last installed it was the first removed. However, before I uninstalled it I did remove your plugin, and then reinstalled your modified Xmap file; generated a map and did a cut & paste job into a content article. I linked it to the main menu so that you can see how it looked. I may stick with this map until I get my problem identified. Or I may reinstall Xmap and see if I hit the same performance problems.

Thanks for your help!!
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 9 Years, 5 Months ago  
Can you attach this file?
Download is impossible.
Re:Joomap Plugin - link? 9 Years, 5 Months ago  
The Server used to host the files is DEAD.
Also, I am out of house for training.....

Please give me some time, I will re-upload it again.

Will POST in this thread.
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